Wichita State Thumps Arizona As Miller Sweats

       Fred Van Vleet and the Wichita State Shockers may have dominated the Arizona Wildcats, after needing to win a play-in game just to make the "second round", but Sean Miller stole the show. The Wildcats coach only took 11 minutes into the first half to look like he walked in from a rain storm, and despite changing shirt's in the locker room at the break, the second half was more of the same.

       You'd assume that the coach of one of the most consistent programs in recent history, who is making millions would wear some sort of an under shirt, or even a different color, clearly wasn't the case though. Considering the Wildcats only mustered up 19 points against the Shockers in the first half, you can't blame Miller for his perspiration.

        The Shockers were in the face of the Wildcats' all game, forcing 19 turnovers, in which they converted into 22 points. Nine steals were shared by the #11 seed during the route, with Van Vleet having five himself. Taking a 31-19 lead into the half, Wichita increased it to a 24 margin, leading 53-29 with 12:29 remaining.

       At that point, Arizona mustered together a solid run, chipping the deficit to 53-40 with 7:56 remaining, and got as close as to nine as Wichita State lead 60-51 with 1:36 remaining. A turnover by Gabe York was the nail in the coffin for Arizona, who ended up losing by a 65-55 margin.

       Wichita State takes on #3 Miami (FL) on Saturday, after the Hurricanes out lasted Buffalo 79-72 earlier in the day.

       Arizona's season is complete, but here's more of Sean Miller's Wet T-Shirt Contest entry: