Matt Barnes Being Matt Barnes

        A reputation of being a tough guy, fake or not, the Memphis Grizzlies forward is sure to be facing a hefty fine, if not a suspension after his recent actions during the Grizzlies defeat against the Milwaukee Bucks, Thursday evening.

       With 5.5 seconds left, John Henson swatted a Barnes lay-up attempt, and proceeded to taunt Matt. An idea that may not be the brightest, as Barnes is known for his willingness to throw down, after-all, the man did drive nearly a hundred miles to his ex's house to take care of business with Derek Fisher, a former teammate. That earned Barnes a two game suspension and a $35,000 suspension after the NBA claimed he defended his actions by stating that "Violence is never the answer. But sometimes it is". 

         Henson waltzed through the tunnel, back to the locker room, throwing his jersey into the crowd in, what seemed to be a celebratory action. Barnes ran through the tunnels just a few seconds later, unknown if his intentions were too confront Henson, or if he was simply heading to the visitors locker room to get a head start on watching USC lose to Providence. 

       Whether it was the decision of Henson, the Bucks, NBA or law enforcement, Henson didn't leave the Bucks locker room until well after Barnes had boarded the Grizzlies team bus, and the bus had left the property. Despite the fact that there is nothing to point towards Barnes going after Henson, his shady past is sure to lead to a fine of some sort by the NBA, if not a suspension. However unfair it may be.

       Here's a video of the altercation.