Be The Owner: Phoenix Suns Edition

    The Phoenix Suns had ambitions of competing for the playoffs, until injuries derailed any hopes. Jeff Hornacek was fired, leaving a lot to be desired. Here's my plan if I were the Suns ownership group:

Front Office:
       The Current GM is abysmal, and I'd be shooting myself in the foot by giving him more time as the guy in charge. If he's willing to stay on as a scout, great, otherwise, good riddance. I put all my eggs in the Neil Olshey basket, and hope to pry him away from Portland, though, that is going to be a tough sell. If Olshey option falters, which it is sure to do, I go ahead and pry someone who worked under Olshey in Gary Sacks away from the Clippers. Sacks was a key component in the Clippers hiring Alvin Gentry as assistant, bringing in JJ Reddick, and he's a guy that had zero issues in sacrificing his title/recognition if it meant winning. Steve Nash is also brought in, but as the Assistant GM and the head of Player Development.

-A new coach is needed, and though guys like Tom T will be in every rumor, this team needs a players-coach, one that will allow the guys to play through mistakes as they will still be a couple of years away from contending. I'd love to pry Dan Majarle away from Grand Canyon University, just up the 17. Toss him some Kim Hughes as one assistant and former players, such as a Cuttino Mobley, and a few other guys to work with the core guys.

Draft Night:

       Assuming no changes are made, Phoenix will be holding the third, 13th, 28th and 33nd picks in the NBA Draft. At #3, Ingram will be off the board, as will Simmons, and it's a tough spot to be in. Trading down is something to be considered here, but the options aren't as great. I'd call Boston, offer them a swap of #3 and #4, while also snagging #43 and #53 just to have international draft rights. At #4, I then take a flyer on Ivan Rabb and hope that he can realize his potential. Hughes has done well working with guys such as Elton Brand, Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman and DeAndre Jordan in the past. At #13, I take another big man in Diamond Stone. Hoping to build an inside-outside duo up front, we get the Suns back to playing with the traditional two big line-up. With the 28th pick, we combine it with #33 and move up to #24/25 with the Hawks or Clippers to select Taurean Prince from Baylor. Prince would hopefully develop into the type of glue guy at the three that teams need, with his defensive efficiency. Finally, at #43 and #53, we go with Ben Bentil and Fred vanVleet. Bentil could compete to make the roster, while vanVleet makes the roster.


Tyson Chandler doesn't want to be around, and that is fully understandable. Assuming the Atlanta Hawks lose Al Horford, and keep any hopes of contending alive, we contact them, offer them Tyson Chandler in exchange for Tiago Splitter. Splitter comes in as a vet presence for the young bigs, and is an expiring contract. Atlanta might ask for additional assets, and they can take the rights of Bentil, or future second rounders if wanted.

Next is fishing around to see if Brandon Knight or Eric Bledsoe can bring in any sort of value that matches what their worth is. However, the responses are just simply not worth the value of either player, and both remain in the Valley of the Sun, at least until the trade deadline nears expiration.

John Jenkins ships off to Sacramento (or any team needing a backup point) for a 2018 second round selection.

Free Agency:
Offer Mirza Teletovic 3/18 to stay around to be the backup four.
Bring in Gerald Green on a 2/20 deal, and hope he regains form.
Bring Luis Scola in on a one year deal for the vet minimum.
Bring in Randy Foye on a one year deal for the vet minimum.

Depth Chart:
CE: Alex Len - Diamond Stone - Tiago Splitter
PF: Ivan Rabb - Mirza Teletovic - Luis Scola
SF: TJ Warren - PJ Tucker - Taurean Prince
SG: Devin Booker - Gerald Green - Randy Foye
PG: Eric Bledsoe - Brandon Knight - Fred vanVleet

While that may not be a team to contend right off the bat, you put yourself in a position to have plenty of assets to make a trade for a star (Kevin Love, Blake Griffin?), and the right amount of cost-controlled contracts to attempt another splash during the 2017 free agency period.