Will Nick Young Have Any Suitors

       It isn't just the recent strain caused by the immaturity of D'Angelo Russell that has the Los Angeles Lakers interested in looking to ship Young out of the Purple and Gold for the third consecutive offseason, according to Mike Bresnahan of the LATimes.

       It's the simple fact that Young just isn't a good fit for a team that is full of youth, needing a veteran leader to help guide the young ones. Young isn't that. More of a joker, teamed with the mindset that his skills are superior to what they actually are, is a recipe for disaster. 

        With an $11 million dollar contract over the next two years, year two being a player option, and the impending rise of the salary cap, Young may not be as negative an asset, financially at least, as was thought when he signed his contract to come back home after a stint with the tanking Philadelphia 76ers.

       His play during his debut season with the purple and gold wasn't horrid either, statistically speaking. Putting up a tick under 18 points in just over 28 minutes. He was a solid spark plug with the Clippers as well, playing a key part during the comeback in the playoffs against Memphis. 

        At this point, one would expect Mitch Kupchak to accept nearly any offer, as long as it doesn't include the Lakers taking back a higher paid player that isn't better, further limiting the options. If the Lakers can acquire a second round pick for Young, it's a deal that should be completed as soon as its offered, to avoid giving the offering team an opportunity to sober up.