Warriors Look To Continue Rolling

       Breaking a record once thought to be unbreakable, the Warriors would be greatly disappointed if they end up failing to repeat after going 73-9 during the regular season. Houston looks to show it isn't going to be a walkover after losing to the Warriors in the conference finals during 2015, though they needed a ton of help to just sneak into the playoffs this time around.

       Golden State has kept the same unit around as that conference finals clash, more-or-less, while the Rockets took some chances that didn't pay off in the summer, namely with Ty Lawson. J.B. Bickerstaff is also at the helms leading the Rockets into the series, as Kevin McHale was let go in the midst of the season.

        An uphill battle is the least of what can be said here, the Rockets are clearly out-matched. Best bet would be the Warriors still on a hangover of breaking the 72-10 record and coming out slow, though it shouldn't be counted on. 

       I can see Houston keeping game on eclose, but the Warriors take it by 10.