No Curry Should Be No Problem As Warriors Look To Go Up 2-0

       There is so much buzz about the uncertainty for Stephen Curry playing tonight, as the Golden State Warriors look to go up two-nil against the Houston Rockets at Oracle Arena on TNT. Everyone's saying this is the game Houston takes, some are going as far as saying this will be a turning point in the series. It's nothing more than blasphemy, as much as I'd love it to be true as a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers. 

       Houston will keep the game closer, and they will have a chance to pull an upset. After all, with Curry missing all but three minutes of the second half, Houston  won the half 45-44, and the Warriors were also -2 with Curry out when considering the entire game. Makes one think that the series is evenly matched up with the exclusion of the best pure shooter the NBA may have ever seen. 

       Game one was just a clinic by Golden State, and though the officiating crew was atrocious, it isn't justifiable to state the Rockets would've stood a chance with an impartial crew. Houston shot an abysmal 30-84 for the game, had 24 turnovers while going 6-22 from range. In comparison, Golden State went 39-91 hitting 10-25 from three and giving it away 15 times. 

       James Harden was a disaster out there, showing that without getting to the line, his value dips greatly. He chipped in with 17 points on 7-19 shooting, while turning it over 6 times in comparison to 2 assists. Dwight Howard put up a double-double with 14/11 but gave it away five times as well, and played with absolutely no intensity. Patrick Beverly and Corey Brewer combined for 2-15 shooting, while Trevor Ariza went 3-10 himself. The starters scored 45 points on 54 shooting, absolutely abysmal. 

       There were some positives for the Rockets, if you can believe it. KJ McDaniels provided spectacular defense, when he was in, swatting away two shots. Donates Motiejunas may not be fully "healthy", whatever that means for him, but showed some fire, not backing down from the Warriors Draymond Green, a known arrogant trash talker. Though his play on Harrison Barnes was not meant for this weak era. Those two need more burn, along with Michael Beasley and even Josh Smith over Brewer, Clint Capela and Beverly during the second game.

       On the flip side, the Warriors may have won by 26, but still have to clean up their act. Barnes and Klay Thompson combined for 7-25 shooting, contributing 23 points, thanks mainly to Thompson attempting six freebies. Welp, that's about it. 

        Being a game-time decision, don't expect Curry to risk furthering his injury tonight, and if they do, I'd wonder what the hell Steve Kerr is thinking. Irregardless, give me the Dubs being the third team to take a 2-nil lead on this Monday.