2016 NBA Mock Draft: First And Final Top 10

       Only a few days remaining until front offices inject their fan bases with hope, or with gloom. Teams at the top of the lottery hoping they avoid taking the next Nikoloz Tskitishvili, while later teams are hoping they can snag the next Manu Ginobili or DeAndre Jordan.

       With Brandon Ingram of Duke and Benjamin Simmons of Louisiana State expected to the be the pillar, the remaining spots leave for a lot of discussion. 

1] Philadelphia 76ers - Benjamin Simmons (LSU)
       Despite reports of Simmons reportedly having issues wanting to play for the 76ers, I can't fathom seeing him passed upon. 

2] Los Angeles Lakers - Brandon Ingram (Duke)
       Reports coming in that the Lakers would have taken Ingram with the top pick, had they won the lottery, and so would I. I love Ingram's game and though he may have a lower ceiling than Simmons, his floor is also much greater.

3] Boston Celtics - Buddy Hield (Oklahoma)
       With Isaiah Thomas seemingly locked in at the point spot, and a Crowder's defense at the three, Boston takes a scoring two here, forming a potent back-court.

4] Phoenix Suns - Marquese Chriss (Washington)
       A glaring hole at the four slot, the Suns take a flyer on the young Husky over the intriguing Croatian. Chriss has a ways to go, and Phoenix has the time to wait for him.

5] Minnesota Timberwolves - Jamal Murray (Kentucky)
       Reportedly enamored with Kriss Dunn, the Wolves go with the combination guard that has a deadly stroke. Murray would give Rubio another target, while further opening up the paint for Karl Anthony-Towns, Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine to attack the bucket.

6] New Orleans Pelicans - Dragan Bender (Croatia)
       With Murray and Hield off the board, the Pelicans hope Bender can develop into being the perfect front court partner for Anthony Davis. Passing up on Dunn is a tough choice, but with hopes of Holiday being healthy, New Orleans goes for a grand slam. 

7] Denver Nuggets - Kris Dunn (Providence)
       Things work out for the Nuggets as much as possible. They already had two good international big prospects in Jokic and Nurkic, while Danilo should be back, and hopefully healthy at the three. Dunn gives Denver a point guard prospect to push the team into a battle for the 8th slot.

8] Sacramento Kings - Jaylen Brown (California)
       Brown stays in Northern Cali, despite his atrocious performance against the great Hawaii Rainbow Warriors in the Big Dance. With all the tools, Brown has the potential to be real good, or the next Darius Miles. Needs to work on his jumper, however.

9] Toronto Raptors - Henry Ellenson (Marquette)
       With Biyombo looking for a big payday, the Raptors may look for an insurance policy, and Ellenson provides them with just that. Though Jakob Poeltl may be more NBA ready, the Raptors look for a good fit next to Jonas V. and Ellenson's ability and potential to be a stretch four would be intriguing for the Canadian side.

10] Milwaukee Bucks - Jakob Poeltl (Utah)
       Greg Monroe has failed at his attempt to be the Bucks center, and Milwaukee goes for the Utes workhorse