Chris Paul Is Still The Best Pure Point Guard

           When it comes to point guards in the NBA, most have already penciled in Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook ahead of Chris Paul. An argument can be made between the trio, of course, but when it comes to being a pure point guard, Paul is clearly the best in the association, and has been for a while. The near future also doesn't seem to bring much that can challenge the floor general skills of Paul. 

          Since the All-Star Break, Paul has been on absolute tear, leading the Clippers to a solid 15-7 record, with Blake Griffin missing a good chunk of the action. A seven game win streak, and eight of the last nine, have all been victories for the Southern California side. Statistically, not many have matched what Paul has been doing.

         Scoring a whopping 23 points a night, on 51.8% shooting from the field, 40.8% from behind the arc and 92.6% from the free throw line. Absolutely incredible for a 6 foot point guard, that doesn't have out of this world athleticism to make more then half his attempts from the field. 

           Toss in his floor general abilities, dishing out 11.4 assists a night, while only turning it over 2.9 time is on another level. That is an assist to turnover ratio of well over 3.9. Not only is he protecting the rock, but possessing it for the majority of the time, while spoon feeding his team is on another level. Grabbing 1.9 steals per game, while down from his season average, is still solid to keep Paul among the top defensive point guards in the league. Did I mention, he's still playing only 35.6 minutes per outing as well?