Clippers Visit The Mile High City

          Coming off one of the best games of his season, Chris Paul leads the streaking Clippers into Denver as they look to keep hopes of climbing up the Western Conference playoff picture and securing home court, for at least the opening round.

          Nuggets will not be making the task easy, as they've won five of the last season at the Pepsi Center, including a 109-106 victory over the Clippers on December 19th. Denver has also won 14 of the last 16 at home, dating back to 2006, back when Carmelo Anthony led the Nuggets and the Clippers were the laughingstock of the professional sports world.

        After a horrendous three game roadie, ending in a 30 point loss at the hands of the Spurs, the Nuggets will be ecstatic to return home, to the Pepsi Center and get some positive motivation heading into a summer that will determine whether the Nuggets will be back in the playoffs or if they will continue on their treadmill. 

         On the other end of the glass, the Clippers are coming off a huge win over the fourth seeded Blazers, giving them the upper hand in the event that they will have home court, if they are unable to makeup the two game deficit to catch either the Memphis Grizzlies or Houston Rockets, the current second and third seeds.
         It wasn't an easy victory, however, as the Clippers trailed by as many as 15 well into the final half of the game. Stepping up, was noneother, than Paul, who scored 25 in the final two quarters, ending the evening with 41 points and thoroughly outplaying Damian Lillard, his counterpart. Toss in 17 assists as well, and it isn't a surprise that Paul is keeping his name in the discussion of the league's best point guard, though, he is clearly the best pure point guard in the association.

        Los Angeles has won eight of their last nine, with the lone hiccup coming against the league leading Golden State Warriors, that included a contreversial call giving Andre Iguodala three lines from the charity stripe. Regardless, Paul has been amazing during this stretch, averaging 25.4 points and 11.6 assists over the nine-game stretch, an improvement from his season averages of 19.2 points and 10.2 assists.

       Clippers may also get a spark, as guard, Jamal Crawford, practiced on Friday, though, his status to return is doubtful.