Wanaah Bail Leaving UCLA

           First, the UCLA Bruins have to deal with the loss of Kevon Looney to the NBA draft. Now, they are dealing with Wanaah Bail bailing out of the program after his sophomore season, where he was ruled academically ineligible for the second half of the season. Appearing in 11 games, Bail averaged just nine minutes an outing, though, he did manage to grab 2.6 rebounds during that time.

          Playing time was looking scarce for the soon to be junior during the 2015-16 season, as Jonah Bolden would gain full eligibility after being ineligible for 2014-15. Alex Olesinski coming in as a freshman from New Mexico, teamed with the improvements from Tony Parker and Thomas Welsh made the Bruins front court a bit stuffed for Bail's liking.

         His future school is unknown at this time.