Mavs To Chase Jordan

      A spectacular playoff run by the reigning rebounding champion of the NBA is still ongoing, however, that isn't stopping the speculation that the Clippers stud big man may be interested in heading to the Dallas Mavericks this summer, to team up with German international Dirk Nowitzki, as reported by Tim McMahon of ESPN Dallas

       "Another potential prize summer target for the Mavs: Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, who multiple sources say has made it clear through back channels that he will be extremely interested in coming to Dallas. Signing the 26-year-old Jordan, a dominant physical force who led the league in rebounding and field-goal percentage this season, would mean letting the 32-year-old Tyson Chandler leave again after another one-season stint with the Mavs.
       “That’s up to management and what they decide to do,” Chandler said of his possible future in Dallas as he enters free agency, adding that his preference would be to return to the Mavs."

        Dallas was sent home early in the first round, a fate that Jordan's Clippers may be facing as well during game seven of their series versus the Spurs on Sunday evening. Its tough to say how much of a difference swapping Jordan for Chandler for the series would have made, as Dwight Howard played solid for the Rockets and Chandler was the lone defensive presence for the Mavericks, besides Al Farouq-Aminu, another former Clipper, who got sparse playing time.

        The loss would be greater for the Clippers, as they would be without cap space to sign a replacement, and would most likely spend their mid level exception on Tyson Chandler, leaving the gap at the small forward to be open for another year. If Jordan was really on his way out, here's to hoping Rivers can convince Cuban into a sign and trade, with Dallas acquiring a traded player exception, to aim for a replacement, if not try to snag a pick from the Dallas side.