Blake Griffin Is Not On The Block

       Linked to the Denver Nuggets, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Phoenix Mercury, CSKA Moscow, Sydney Kings, Cal State Northridge Matadors, Beijing Ducks, Los Angeles Galaxy, Detroit Red Wings, Green Bay Packers, San Diego Padres, Pachuca FC and Manchester United, the rumors of Blake Griffin being on the trading block are absolutely not true. 

       After a run in with Matias Testi, a former Clipper equipment manager, Griffin rumors started to swirl, implying that Doc Rivers, Head Coach, and Dave Wohl, General Manager were dangling him out for offers. And the reported offers were just abysmal for Griffin, just two playoffs removed from putting up 26/13/6 on 51% shooting in the post-season. Up until his injury, Griffin was arguably the best four in the league, putting up 24/9/5 on 52%. 

       Stunning numbers from a big man that has exceptional work ethic and will continue to improve at all aspects of the beautiful game. Yes, he is possibly an expiring contract, probably more like, as he has a player option for 2017 that many are expecting him to decline. Yes, he is coming back from a pair of injuries that caused him to miss extended time. 

       But that doesn't equate to the atrocious "rumor offers" that have been wide swirling the net. From sportswriters, to bloggers, and to the depths of Hell, fans. Let's take a quick gander at these reported conversations for a solid good laugh.

       One Nuggets blogger expects to snag the services of Blake Griffin with Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler, Will Barton and the Grizzlies late teens/early 20s 2017 first round selection heading to Los Angeles. A slap in the face offer for one of the two league's premier power forwards. Barton may solidify our three spot, but Chandler hasn't been healthy, and outside of rebounding/high energy, I fail to see what Faried does that makes him a suitable replacement. 

        Looking at the rumored Boston deals, some Celtic fans were hesitant on giving up both Brooklyn picks, which may not even end up being top selections and Jae Crowder for the big mans services. A few went as far as to say the Clippers should be happy with Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk, a Boston pick and a Memphis pick. Boston does have the pieces to snag Griffin, however, that doesn't mean it's a possibility. 

       Bulls have the pieces for Blake as well, as Bobby Portis seems to have a good amount of potential, Denzel Valentine would be a great fit with Paul, Redick and Jordan surrounding him, Taj Gibson can be a stop-gap fill. Nikola Mirotic and picks as well, could be worked into some sort of a package. However, some Bull fans expect the Clippers to be content with Gibson, Mirotic and a first. Not even close. 

       With the Knicks and Thunder, the rumors have been mainly a straight swap of Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook, respectively. Westbrook signing an extension takes him out of the equation, while Anthony, considering his age and the fact that he isn't as good, makes it a no-go. However, that hasn't stopped some Thunder and Knick fans expecting to snag Blake somehow, namely with some in Oklahoma City expecting the Clippers to settle for a package of Enes Kanter and Victor Oladipo. Like, really?

       In summary, Blake Griffin is not going to be traded, unless he asks for a trade, period. Will he opt out and sign elsewhere this summer? It could happen. Is it expected? No. Fox just allowed him to produce a show, he loves the big city, more endorsements. But, like Kevin Durant's cowardice showed, anything can happen.