JJ Redick Has Been On Fire

       A season that was waiting for it's silver lining seemed like it would take longer to land after Blake Griffin left the game against the Utah Jazz and was reported to miss a few weeks. Well, the Clippers escaped Salt Lake City with a win, and proceeded to head into Washington, Charlotte and New Orleans whilst coming out as victors, sweeping a five game road trip.

        Key component to the run of success has been the play of Redick, the Clippers starting shooting guard who has been knocking down shots like they were nothing. Over the last four, Redick has been averaging 21 points and hitting 58.3% from the field, 60% from behind the arc.  In only 28 minutes of action.
        Take away the Washington game, where he struggled gaining only 7 points and 1-4 from three, Redick's averages would be 25.7 points, 62.5% field goal and 70% from behind the arc.

         Absolutely insane. If JJ keeps this up, the Clippers hopes of getting past the second round might just be alive.